Small entrepreneurs always think that the possibility of doing business abroad is only reserved for those companies that have large capital, because it is usual to see complex and sometimes difficult to access

However, the import of products, nowadays is a very profitable alternative for companies of all sizes; even more with the large number of free trade agreements that open their doors to producer markets that are very convenient for traders, such as India or China.

The only thing that is needed to import is to be prepared, through an investigation of the national market, with the objective of defining if it is commercially competitive the products that are going to be imported, as well as if they are manufactured at a national level in which situation. find, to be related to the costs.

Once the market has been investigated, in addition to taking the decision of the product to be imported, the administrative and technical requirements that are associated with the importation of merchandise must be evaluated based on the final use and nature. Before this we are going to give you some recommendations to import successfully.

Recommendations to import products successfully.
1. Search, compare and ask your provider.

The relationship you have with the provider will be very important to avoid unnecessary risks. Analyze your activity, your image on the internet and try to obtain references. If you have doubts about its reliability, or the type of product it sells, it is best to contact the ICEX delegation in the country, to obtain updated and detailed information.

2. In case of doubts, go to an expert.

It is ideal to contact a professional who will advise you on the import rights corresponding to the merchandise you wish to import, in order to analyze the viability of the process. In addition, it is the one who will review the documentation corresponding to the entry of the merchandise in your country. In some countries to be able to import a special authorization, it has a process so you will have to find out what is the deadline in your country.

3. Hiring of freight

The cost of freight always has an impact on the final price of the product. In case of doubt, you can always delegate this task to a transport agency (freight forwarder). Those who usually have the infrastructure, knowledge, and experience necessary to carry out this operation with the least possible risk.

4. Do not forget the documentation

Normally, the necessary documentation for the customs clearance is the commercial invoice, Packing List, shipping documentation and the certificate of origin.

5. Beware of the form of payment.

One of the most used payments for the provider is the letter of credit, because it ensures compliance with the conditions agreed between both parties. The payment can also be made by transfer, it starts with the production of the merchandise in 50% and then upon receiving another 50%. In any case, the cost of the merchandise will always be paid in advance.